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Insect stings can be life threatening if you are severely allergic to them. That is why it’s important to seek professional help from a top rated Arcadia allergist to determine if you are allergic to any number of insects through Arcadia insect allergy testing. This is a different kind of test than environmental or food allergy testing. Insect testing is done to confirm whether or not you are allergic to an insect that you have a reaction to. At Arcadia Allergy & Asthma, we can provide thorough and accurate insect allergy testing, or to verify that any testing is needed at all to identify your insect allergies.

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When you experience an allergic reaction to an insect sting, it may be similar to a reaction caused by other food allergies. However, it varies, as you could also have an allergic reaction immediately after being bitten or stung, or it may take slightly longer. The severity of your allergic reaction depends on what kind of bug has bitten or stung you, how much of the venom or toxin the insect is able to inject, where the bite or sting is located, and much more.

The board-certified Arcadia allergy doctors deliver a unique, patient centered approach to help determine the cause of your allergic reactions and work to provide the best solutions and treatment plans that best suit your needs.

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If you suspect that you have insect allergies, you should keep an eye out for common symptoms such as hives, itching, swelling, and pain. If you experience these symptoms, visit the #1 Insect allergy test clinic near Arcadia, Arcadia Allergy & Asthma.

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The board certified Arcadia insect allergists at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma provide efficient insect allergy testing so that we can develop an effective, patient-centered treatment plan to help combat your allergies.

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Insect stings and bites among patients can vary in severity, and can range from mild to life threatening. For the best insect allergy treatment and testing near Arcadia, visit the trusted allergy doctors at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma.


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