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Arcadia Allergy & Asthma

Arcadia Allergy & Asthma offers long term treatment for your allergies that includes a variety of allergies such as environmental, food, drug, and insect allergies. Our providers will work collaboratively to determine the cause of your persistent allergy and asthma symptoms so that we can efficiently develop an individualized treatment plan to provide you and your family with the relief you deserve. We treat everything from skin and respiratory allergies to GI conditions and conditions involving the immune system. With top-rated, experienced providers, we can help treat and manage your allergies.

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Board Certified Arcadia Allergists

Our top rated Arcadia allergy doctors are board certified allergists, meaning that they have met the rigorous and strict standards set by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. Doctors who receive this certification must complete a quality education program and pass the qualifying exams that showcase their knowledge. Arcadia Allergy & Asthma has as full staff of board certified immunologists that can provide you with a high standard of care and treatment for all of your allergies.

The Arcadia allergy providers at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma undergo ongoing education to maintain board certification and provide the best care for your allergies. We can offer solutions and treatment for a variety of allergies including drug, environmental, insect, food allergies, and more.

Arcadia Environmental
Allergy Testing

At Arcadia Allergy & Asthma, we provide the most efficient testing and treatment for environmental allergies. With help from our board certified allergists, we can help find out what could be triggering your allergies.

Drug Allergy
Testing in Arcadia

Allergies can come in many forms, and finding the source of your allergy reactions is essential, which is why the top-rated providers and staff at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma provide drug allergy testing from qualified allergists.

Allergy Testing

For help discovering the source of your allergies, Arcadia Allergy & Asthma provides a wide variety of allergy testing services including insect allergy testing. Get the relief you need from qualified Arcadia allergists.

Food Allergy
Testing in Arcadia

You can be suffering from food allergies without even knowing it, which is why the Arcadia allergy doctors at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma provide efficient food allergy testing for patients throughout the Valley.


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    4840 E. Indian School Rd.
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