Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research

Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research is the research division spearheaded by the professionals at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma. We are committed to finding the newest and most cutting edge treatments available that will give the most relief to each and every one of our patients. Our providers are also dedicated to ensuring the long term safety and benefits of medications that have already been approved by the FDA, as well as seeking additional uses for medications already on the market.

Understanding Asthma
Understanding Allergies
Understanding Eczema

At Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research, we have focused on pediatric asthma and device studies over the past few years, resulting in FDA clearance for use. This makes it much simpler for families to get the daily asthma medications necessary for them, as well as making it easier for providers to be able to diagnose their patients and treat them more efficiently.

The researches at Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research strive to provide concierge medical assistance to our research patients with 24×7 access to a provider. Successful research is predicated on the focus of collection accurate data, while never compromising patient safety or top rated patient care in the name of research.

Research may often mean that longer or repeated visits to our office, which is why we work hard to make research fun for you and your family. We get to know our research patients on a personal level, which is why, at the end of each study, we are proud to say that we often develop lifelong friendships.