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Arizona is prone to lots of allergens, and some of these can irritate those with sinusitis, a condition that causes recurring sinus infections in patients with allergies. Sinuses are air-filled cavities inside your skull that are made to warm and humidify the air you breathe in. When your sinuses become too inflamed or when too much mucus builds up in them, and infection can occur. Sinus infections are caused by bacteria, as well as some molds and funguses in patients who are allergic. This is known as fungal sinusitis. If you have frequent or chronic sinus infections, contact Arcadia Allergy & Asthma!

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Sinus infections can also be caused by viruses. This makes it more difficult to prescribe medication to treat your symptoms, as your doctor will not want to give you antibiotics unless you have had symptoms for at least ten days or more. When you suspect that you may have a sinus infection, consult with the top rated allergy doctors at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma. We use a patient centered approach to help diagnose and treat your condition to help you find the comfort your deserve.

Common symptoms of sinusitis include pressure in the head, typically beneath or above the eyes, tenderness in the teeth, bad breath, drainage of mucus into the back of the throat, fatigue, nasal congestion, and possibly even headache.

Sinus Infection
Diagnosis Near Arcadia

If you should exhibit any sinus infection symptoms, such as pressure in the head, tenderness in the teeth, drainage of mucus, fatigue, or any number of symptoms, visit the allergy doctors at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma. We can help diagnose your sinus infections and help create a detailed, effective treatment plan.

Treatment For Sinus
Infections in Arcadia

When we have diagnosed your sinus infection, the qualified allergy doctors at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma can create a custom treatment plan that works for you and helps you manage your symptoms and give you the relief you deserve. Contact us today to schedule and appointment!

Sinus Infection
Doctors in Arcadia

Some patients may suffer from chronic sinus problems which can include loss of taste or smell due to polyps in the nasal cavities. For top rated sinus infection doctors in Arcadia, contact the professionals at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma to help diagnose and treat your sinus infections.


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